This page started out as a way for us to keep track of different companies, gigs and some referral links. Over the years this has grown a lot and we are now recruiting full-time for our partners. On this site you will find gigs and recommendations, on the blog we add employment and long-term opportunity’s as well.

The blog used to be about our travels but we have not had the time and energy for doing everything so as of now this will focus on different ways of making a living. If you are in need of recruitment for your project or have any questions feel free to contact us

We wanted to give some good tips for anyone else interested in making money online, try the nomadic lifestyle or just getting a free dinner. We will update this page as we come across new interesting opportunity’s. We will never link to scams where you have to pay to work i.e. herbalife, investment “opportunity’s” and so on.

We also do different AI projects ourselves.

Here we will give tips and links to our partners and customers that we recommend for anyone who wants some extra income. Or what about free dinner or fun activities like driving a new sports car while getting paid? There is also good opportunity’s here for making a full-time living off.

If you are looking for work that you can do from your computer, from home or on the road, this is a great collection of professional services, projects and gigs that you should check out. In the last sections we will also recommend some of the services we use that are not directly linked to income, like web hosting and other services. We will also make a link collection over time with other sites that are good to use. Feel free to leave your own recommendations in the comment section as well!

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Temporary gigs

Testing banking app Singapore bank account

We are looking for testers worldwide, with a Singaporean Bank Account to join us for a long term functional testing project, for one of the leading digital banks in Singapore. 

You will be asked to test a banking app on your mobile device. The test cycle is scheduled to start in the next 3 weeks and it will have a HIGH payout.

In addition to cycle payment, testers will earn an additional $25 participation bonus if they will get a specific Android device for testing purposes.


Project details:

  • Start Date: April 18, 2022
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Devices: Android 5+ and iOS 9+

Ireland, Denmark and Sweden, test casino site

Here’s an exciting paid project opportunity for people from Ireland, Sweden and Denmark who would be interested in creating an account on an online gambling/betting website and placing a deposit for testing purposes.

The sole purpose of this project is to test the registration flow and the deposit process. No gambling/betting is required. Participants are only required to create an account with their personal information (which can be deleted after the test), make a deposit (which will be reimbursed at the end of the project), and share their experience with us. Your feedback will help in improving the signup and deposit flows on the platform.

There are no right or wrong answers. If you are interested in this project, please apply. Your fast response is appreciated as we plan to start the project soon!

Project Details:

  • Start Date: Ongoing
  • Testing type: Functional testing

Signup Ireland:

Signup Denmark and Sweden:

Please use anders.johansson [at] as your referral 🙂

Debit card test USA

Payment Testing is an important measure for our customers’ services to ensure they are working correctly and that they can accept payments without issue. We assure all information provided or used during the duration of the testing is secured and only used for the purpose of the project. For additional concerns, please contact any team member within the cycle to help answer any questions you may have.

For a long-term passive payment testing project, we are looking for US testers with PIN-less debit cards with specific networks. As part of the project, qualified testers will be asked to make purchases on certain websites or apps, so testers need to keep their account funded for small transactions.

Please note: Transactions made will be either refunded by the customer, or we will reimburse the amount. 

Project Details:

  • Start Date: Ongoing
  • Location: United States
  • Testing Type: Payment Testing


Test streaming services, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Palestine, Yemen

We are looking for testers located in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Palestine, Yemen for a functional testing project for an online streaming service platform. 

We need testers with iOS and Android devices, Tablets, PCs. This project involves a series of test cases to be executed on App/Web platforms. Qualified participants will be invited to a special paid training cycle.


  • Start Date: Ongoing
  • Location: Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Palestine, Yemen
  • Devices: Testers must have one of the device models listed in the survey.

Testers with an life Insurance Policy, India

We are looking for testers located in India, with an active life insurance plan to participate in a usability testing project. This project requires testers with Windows PC or Android mobile devices. 

In this project: Participants are required to share their feedback about a popular Insurance platform. 

Project Details:

  • Start Date: April 12, 2022
  • Location: India
  • Testing Type: Usability
  • Devices: Windows PC, Android


Testers With a Private Insurance Policy From One of the Indian Companies [Worldwide]

We are looking for Indian testers living around the world, with a private insurance policy from one of the Indian companies to participate in a usability testing project. This project requires testers with Windows PC or Android mobile devices. 

In this project: Participants are required to share their feedback about a popular Insurance platform. 

Project Details:

  • Start Date: April 8, 2022
  • Location: India
  • Testing Type: Usability
  • Devices: Windows PC, Android


Deposit Testing on a Trading Platform,The Czech Republic, Mexico, Switzerland

We are looking for testers located in the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Switzerland to participate in deposit testing on a trading platform.

In this project, testers need to have a specific payment card issued by the banks in the above in-scope countries. Testers need to perform both the onboarding, deposit processes and record both processes simultaneously. Testers need to deposit on the trading platform in their local currency and provide feedback about both processes. 

Please note that testers can withdraw the amount right after the deposit, or it will be reimbursed back to them. The testers are allowed to hide all the sensitive information.

Signup: please use anders.johansson [at] as your referral 🙂

On location work (want to relocate?)

Language Data Analyst in Stockholm (Danish, Norwegian, Finnish)

If you live in, or want to relocate to Stockholm here is an great opportunity! English and one of the above languages required at professional level. No other experience or education needed and you get help with relocation!

If you previously participated in our online gigs, this will feel familiar. As a Language Data Analyst, your main task will be to classify, sort, label, and annotate data that are used to train AI.

Read more about it here

Remote Employments

Please see the job page for employment

Recruit with us! TCC Recruitment team

We are looking for people and businesses to join our recruitment team. What you see on Two cats in a caravan is the type of projects that require recruiters. We get different projects on a regular basis and need help from you. Anyway you can recruit are welcome (social media, blogs, friends and family etc). Payment per successful recruitment according to project details. 100% commission based. If this is of interest please send a short message here about your interest and channels you use. Please also provide a link to your LinkedIn.

Writing and translation

Content writing and translation services are a great way to make some extra cash or even make a full-time living off. There are several agencies to choose from. They all have a ladder to climb. provide quality and quantity and you will get better pay as well as more interesting texts.



Among the top we find Topcontent which has writing and translation work for both beginners and professionals and are really easy to get started with. Just look trough the guidelines if the lingo are confusing in the beginning. Assignments are at a first come first served basis so if you are quick you get the best assignments.


Another great site is Boostcontent, it is one of the leading agencies and have a great selection of topics to choose from. Also they are really easy to get started with and have a lot of available assignments. They have a ladder you need to climb, do quality and quantity and you will get better assignments eventually.


Another great agency is Greatcontent, possible to invoice, Germany-based. Not to many different jobs available but plus side is that they connecting buyers and freelancers direct.

Högabo writing team

Högabo writing team is a Swedish writing team, but they want Norwegian, English and Swedish writers. Recommended! Send them a short email without CV that shows your skills as a creative writer! Say hi from us 🙂


Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping businesses are thriving now and have a lot of different assignments, not only mystery shopping but also other forms of auditing. Here you can find work you can do online, by phone or in person. Some are more paid than others but often there are other incentives as well. Free dinner or hotel and purchases are often included. We found that the car sales visits and auditing are often the most lucrative.

Helion research

With an easy and fast sign up procedure Helion is a good start, international company.

Better Business World Wide

One of the leading mystery shopping agency’s, BBWW is great and you can both work as employed or as freelance where they self invoice the pay.


Sorry , out of business due to covid-19


Another one is Globis , Germany based and only takes invoices , no employment.

Testing software, other tests and AI

Testing software and websites is a easy and fun job to do from your computer and you don’t need any special computer skills for the entry level jobs. There are of course more advanced tasks as well.


First there is TestBirds, test out new software, websites and apps for some quick money. If you have some website skills there are good bug hunting programs as well.


Well established and tested company with a lot of different tasks at different rates, check it out at Appen. They got everything from simple answer gigs and AI to linguistic work at master level.


Another even simpler testing site is Clickworker, and while many jobs are way below reasonable paid for most people, there are exceptions. Fill out your profile completely and get invited to the better paying tests/assignments. Teaching AI:s can make you 15 E for 20 minutes of simple work.


Lionbridge is a big international company with a good trackrecord. They have gametesting , writing, translations finance positions and a lot more. Several fulltime employments as well, both freelancing and regular.

Pactera edge / oneforma

A lot of different gigs, translations, data collection, AI and more. Pactera/Oneforma is a well established international company.


Another interesting market research for qualitative consumer tests are Testingtime which only have a signup and no login page. Just get an email now and then when you are invited for a Skype call. Make sure to fill in profile correctly as you can not change it afterwards.

Audio bee

AI voice recordings, segmentation, annotation and transcriptions. Different rates depending on language and projects. Sign up here They have a lot of available projects, and pay to PayPal account.

Erli Bird/ Betatesting

Several levels of skills needed for betatesting, from very simple to advanced at Betatesting

Simple answer questions gigs / beermoneytasks

Nothing very well payed but very simple Ebuno and Survey Junkie pays for market research online. Cointiply pays in crypto and has games, offers and different tasks.

White hat programs


Huge network for white hat hacking. If you got the skills this can be very lucrative, check it out at Hackerone. If you are a beginner they also have useful guides and video-lessons.

Freelancing, post your own ads

There are several places for posting your own ads and get customers that way. Some better than others and the most challenging task is to stick out from the crowd.


One of the biggest sites that’s been around for some time is Fiverr, post the work you are want to do and let the customers come to you.


Another big site is, been around for a long while.

Affiliate marketing

There is many that make a lot of money on affiliate marketing (and many that don’t make a dime). There is a lot of affiliate programs to join from different companies.

ShareASale offers a lot, over 4500, of programs for a wide range of services and products. Just sign up and join the programs of your field and interests.


Start your own printing business easily with Printful.

Find all kinds of drop-shipping dealers at Spocket.


Not for the professionals alone. Nowadays, even with a basic camera you can make money of selling your pictures online.


We just started using Shutterstock for selling some of our pictures online.

Cashback recruiting

Get cashback for online shopping, recruit more participants for rewards.

Reward Network – Sweden and Europe.

Refunder -Swedish

TopCashBack – mostly American.

Payment services

You get some bonuses when using these links to sign up Wise and Payoneer

Need to be able to make invoices without having a company? Check out frilansgruppen. Best deal is payout to Wise account but they have several options like bank account and even PayPal.


Best places to trade and

BlockFi is also good in that they pays interest and have credit cards funded by crypto.

Lots of scams surrounding crypto but if you are looking for a free way in this is the best bet: PI network use our invitation code “2catsinacaravan” current value of PI: 0. a longshot but might be worth a try, read the FAQ.


Other sites and resources

Here we will list other sites where you can find work, inspiration and other interesting stuff we like.

Svenska Nomader – a site for Swedish nomads

Whereuare – Swedish site for remote jobs.

We work remotely – Worlds biggest remote job site.

TCC Konsult – Hire us! Want admin help? Get your blog up, fix your website, tech-help, writing content and translations? We got your back!

ModdedPhones – Webshop, smartphone repairs and mods. As well as for all your IT related needs. Get a secure privacy friendly device today!

AzireVPN – Good VPN sevice.

Speechnotes – Transcribe and translate with AI , direct files and microphone!

Brave browser – The best privacy friendly browser that pays you for viewing privacy friendly ads you allowed (while blocking the rest). As well as supporting creators like us! Read more about it at Computerworld

Loggklippet – Create cool advertisement videos with a click. Use our code 2cats for 10% discount on any order 🙂

Språkpoolen – Translation service jobs.

Veeva – jobads searchable on remote location.

Europe remotly – jobads for remote positions in Europe

Project Honey Pot – Stop Spam Harvesters, Join Project Honey Pot

Wordify – Free dev sites and partnered content.

Updraft plus – best backup plugin for wordpress

WP Mail SMTP – best SMTP plugin for wordpress

WP Rocket – best caching plugin for wordpress

Rocket CDN – Best CDN to speed up your website

Vimla – Cheap Swedish phone company with free roaming in EU

Transformify – Hiring a lot of freelancers and consultants? This streamlines everything easy. Looking for gigs? Transfomity is a remote only company that have a lot of projects in a wide range of fields.

CV-help Scan your CV with CVScan to make improvements. Or hire a professional writer at ZibJob

Doublecloud – Headhunting, several full time, remote and well payed positions. Usually BA needed at least.

Arbeta-online – Community and forum for Swedish people working online.

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